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A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.

Emily Dickinson

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scandanavian Days

Every year, over the Memorial Day weekend, our family heads down to Ephraim, Ut to the Scandanavian Days Festival. Geoff has played there with a blue grass band for over 12 years. It is now a family tradition. Great music, fun booths and the best Swedish meatballs in the world! Here is a photo of Geoff's main band, Lincoln Highway. We love, em:)
Love this video. You get to hear some of Geoff's music and see the girls dance. Can't get any better than that. Who is the cute bass player:)?


Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

CALL ME I'm bringing the boys up for the week of the 4th again

Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

I really need you email!! I am coming once again for my annual 4th of July break from the heat. (no hubby again this year) This time I am a little more organized about it though. We would love to see you if it is at all possible. Here is a list of things we are planning to do while we are there. Other than the parade on Monday our times and days are wide open so we are hoping to meet up with a few of you. Let me know if you are interested in doing any of this and we'll make plans. My cell once I am on the road is 480-274-5376. I'd love to come and see any new houses or visit you at your home for a play date, andyone have any water toys? How's that for inviting myself in a round-about way? Remember though I've got the rest of the gang with me too. Calling would be best after Friday but my phone is a little skewy since Jack threw it in a cup of water. Just leave a message and I'll call you back ASAP! We'll be in Utah from the 3rd (Saturday) to the 8th (Thursday) or 9th (Friday).

Avatar (the kids movie-NOT the blue sci-phi people)
Hogle zoo (We can get a 50% discount on admission)
Thanksgiving Point
Bowling (my Sister in law says there's glow in the dark bowling in Provo. I was just thinking of BYU though)
Parade (Monday morning)
I'm up for a swim date again this year but I hear that you've got some disease in the public pools again this summer-if that isn't so LET'S GO!

If you have any other ideas of fun things to do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!