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A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.

Emily Dickinson

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Signs of sickness

Like a loving family should, my children have shared the love, if you will, and passed on their sickey germs to me. I'm not quite as sick as they were but I've come up with a few tell tale signs to let me know that I'm sick.
1. I have slurred speech and dizzy spells and I haven't taken any drugs yet
2. I'm hungry but my stomach vetoes every thing I want to put in my mouth
3. When my mouth and stomach finally agreed on some simple breakfast cereal and I went to put the stuff away, I put the box
of cereal in the fridge and put the milk on the counter.
4. My kids were still asking me 45 minutes later to get them some hot tea. I kept forgetting.
5. I just want to watch junk t.v. and snuggle up in a blankie.
If you have any of these tell tale signs yourself, let me tell you, YES, you are sick. If time and naps permit, snuggle up with a nice blankie until the kids come home from school or your little ones wake up from their nap. Because, as you know, we don't really get sick days. But I wouldn't trade this job for anything else, nonetheless.


Shellee said...

Funny... sounds like your pregnant!

At least that's how I get.

I hope you feel better soon.

Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

Love Love Love what you've done with your site! Sorry you're sick! Hang in's the weekend!

Dave and Crissie said...

Hope you feel better. I liked the story of you getting "throwed-up" on. Recently, my husband called me into our bedroom and with a big smile on his face said, "Look!" while pointing to his sopping wet (from upchuck) work clothes. Our 4-year-old threw up all over him and our bed, and he was smiling, almost proud. :)

nature women said...

That is a clever "Signs of Sickness" but then you are clever arn't you .....Sorry you are sick please take your own advise....wish I was close enough to hug you and take the girls for you.....sniff, you honey. signed helpless....